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C est un langage de niveau intermédiaire et il a besoin d’un compilateur pour le convertir en un code exécutable afin que le programme puisse être exécuté sur notre machine.

The following are the phases through which our program passes before being transformed into an executable form:

1- Preprocessor

The source code is the code which is written in a text editor and the source code file is given an extension “.c”. This source code is first passed to the preprocessor, and then the preprocessor expands this code. …

1- What is the inode ?

An inode is a data structure (i.e., an optimized way of storing information) that stores all the information about a file (e.g., its size, its access permissions, when it was created and where it is located on the system) except its name(s) and its actual data. The fact that inode numbers are unique only within any filesystem is the reason that they do not work across filesystems and partitions.

2- What is the hard link ?

A hard link is merely an additional name for an existing file on Linux or other Unix-like operating systems.

Any number of hard links, and thus any number of names, can…

Cherif BA

Holberton School France Student

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